POEMA - Multimedia Interactive Performance Installation opens in Rio as part of the Olympic Games

October 2015: choreographer Regina Miranda, currently LIMS CEO/Director of Arts & Culture met the virtual reality architect Mirjana Prpa and the generative music composer Kivanç Tatar. It was a meeting of like-minded artists! Since then, they have been collaborating for POEMA, a complex interactive Performance Installation, which will open in Rio de Janeiro at the prestigious Oi Futuro Institute on July 18th part of the city's cultural program for the Olympic Games. The Brazilian  POEMA's creative team includes dancers Marina Salomon, Patricia Niedermeier, and Marina Magalhães, Video-dance by Barbara Castro, Costume Design by Luiza Marcier, Light by Luiz Paulo Nenen, Set Design by Natalia Lana, and Production by Denise Escudero.