MARCH 10th - scores+traces: exposing the body through computation

scores+traces: exposing the body through computation is an interdisciplinary media art exhibition that presents works by artists whose creative practice challenges conventional understanding of movement, perception, body and computation.

The exhibition, which opens at 5PM on Thursday, March 10th, at ONE Art Space, (23 Warren Street, NYC), and runs through Saturday, March 12th, represents a partnership between theLaban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, LIMS®, one of the leading world organizations for the in-depth studies of human behavior, and the movingstories project, which scaffolds movement experience through the design of digital tools for movement, meaning and interaction.

scores+traces art works will transform the gallery venue into an interactive space. Visitors will be invited to navigate within, observe and interact with the media artworks, while reflecting and experiencing the space through movement. Merging arts and science, the works to be presented focus on combined aspects of the creative, social, ecological, affective, subjective, political and computational. The artworks include multimedia installations, performative interventions, Virtual Reality and interactive sound installations, generative art and more.

The exhibition’s Curator - Regina Miranda, LIMS’ CEO and Director of Arts & Culture, chose international artists and researchers whose art, design and research projects crafts an engaging map ofthe current artistic research on body movement and computation.

“The success of the LIMS’ partnership with MIT Professor Leah Buechley for the exhibition “Coding the Body” (ApexArt Gallery, 2014), indicated by the NYTimes, as one of the best weekend artistic programs to be seen in NYC, increased my interest on the relationship between the body and the new spaces explored by new technologies. ‘Decoding’, collaboratively signed by three CMA’s, made creative use of Rudolf Laban’s spatial notations as a source for thinking of a body without gravity constraints. This work led me to the movingstories project, which has been exploring the moving body through both somatic and computationally focused research. Getting to know the artists and movement analysts involved in the project,  the exhibition started to gain shape in my mind.” says Miranda, who worked closely with another CMA, Professor Thecla Schiphorst, coordinator of movingstories, for the scores+traces exhibition.

Artists presented at the exhibition:
Matt Gingold, Sarah Shamash, Aisha Jamal, Prophecy Sun, Yves Candau, Jules Françoise, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Mirjana Prpa, Kivanç Tatar, Shannon Cuykendall, Ethan Soutar-Rau, Kristin Carlson, Philippe Pasquier, Thecla Schiphorst, Karen Bradley, Maria Lantin, Ken Perlin, Martin Gotfrit, David Lobser, Sebastian Herscher, Connor Defanti, Thomas Meduri, Sonia Foltarz, Clare Carroll, Matthew Foglia, Dominique Lufrano, Wenbo Lan