Noree Performing Arts: Three Korean Dancers, two of whom are CMAs, Sook Kim and Eun Sung Lee; and Yoon Lee, develop a cross cultural approach in "Playscape".

The event happened on October 16th.  It included:  An introduction with Traditional Korean dance and drumming; Classic ballet; New music composition for piano and recorded piano; Live chamber music accompaniment to contemporary Korean dance. Modern/contemporary dance; New composition with live Japanese classical instrument, opera and movement with traditional costumes; Contemporary Korean mask dance…

The blend of the evening worked beautifully.  There was: the excitement and energy of the Korean style, with colorful costuming and vibrant energy; unusual rhythms that make you attentive and alert to the complexity of subtle movement; live instruments and unique compositions awakened sensitivity to less familiar music.  This, contrasted with a Japanese operatic theme, with ancient traditional costumes, beautiful sung in English. Then a classic ballet, making one aware of that tradition in the context of world dance.  A Proust narrative, danced with subtle movement to bring the text alive visually, settled in well with other pieces in a modern dance tradition.

A film about Playscape addressed each piece, the composer or choreographer, and dancers. It offered its own artistic approach to bring the individuals into the moment, making a real connection to the audience. 

It makes me wonder about the consistence of most performances, one company, one musical or dance tradition, and wonder if it might be enlightening to cross cultures, styles, and arts, more frequently and more fully. 

Congratulations to Noree for opening this door. 

Ellen Goldman

October 18, 2015