ARTS @LIMS partners and collaborators are very important to us! We accomplish a lot together!

OUR Partners and collaborators INCLUDE

The Arnhold Foundation

The Arts @ LIMS programs and events, which include MOSAIC, Dance Performance Atelier (DPA Award), Spring Forward, Global Water Dances, ECOPOETIC and Movement News,  are made possible by the enthusiasm and generous support from The Arnhold Foundation. LIMS and the international Laban community are deeply grateful to Jody and John Arnhold.


movingstories scaffolds movement experience through the design of digital tools for movement, meaning and interaction. It employs movement-based practices within technological design as a methodological critique to normative technologically motivated design processes. movingstories is partnering with LIMS for the Spring Forward 2016.     

Artists, Friends, MN Collaborators and Audience

The collaboration of many artists and friends over the years, and the receptivity of our ever-growing audiences always inspire us to do more and better. Since 2003, more than 140 artists presented at MOSAIC, the Dance Performance Atelier (DPA Award)  has been an incentive and an occasion of sharing ideas among our artists, Spring Forward provocative issues expand the arts beyond its territory, and Movement News intends to be a space where we all can share artistic experiences, and connect around the world. 

Board and Staff

Collaboration starts within the organization. We would like to acknowledge the support of LIMS Board and Staff and, particularly for Movement News, we would like to highlight the work of LIMS Board members Mehdi Hassani Idrissi, who has given much of his time and talent to offer this BLOG to our community, and of Luis R. Cancel who took MOSAIC 2015 beautiful photos!



Banner Photo: Patricia Niedermeier, Marina Magalhães, and Marina Salomon in "Lists' Vertigo", choreographic theater performance created by CMA Regina Miranda, 2014 

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