Movement News - MN as a blog that includes the possibility of interaction with our audience and colleagues. We intend to provide an overview to the artistic work LIMS has been promoting and encouraging around the world, and to develop a collaborative space with the Laban & Bartenieff community at large, by featuring information from the global Laban field that can be inspiring and useful for anyone who enjoys movement and the arts. Enjoy it, and please feel welcomed to collaborate!

MN Mission

MN aims to be a vital space to facilitate the access of the general audience to the Laban & Bartenieff movement theories and practices, and a way to establish and promote productive relationships among the International community of Laban movement professionals and students through informal dialogues and the sharing of ideas.

MN will present a wide a spectrum of reflections, applications, and advancements of the Laban System, while keeping a balance between featuring well-known and recent LIMS Certified Movement Analysts (CMAs), and professionals from different fields, who use the Laban knowledge in their work.

MN is written in a journalistic style. The approach to the work is informed by embodied practice and personal involvement, and intends to reflect as many fields as possible where Laban inspired concepts and practices are currently developed.

We aim to be a “in movement” space, as are Laban's theories! Therefore, current Laban inspired researches are welcomed at MN.

Banner Photo: CMA Preeti Vasudevan, 2015 LIMS' DPA Award Winner

Get ready to change. Change is here to stay!
— Irmgard Bartenieff, LIMS Founder

The LABAN/Bartenieff Institute of

Movement Studies

The Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, LIMS® is a non-profit institution that comprises educational, artistic and research programs. Centered in New York, with a global network of movement professionals, LIMS is world-renowned as one of the major centers for the development and study of the principles of movement analysis formulated by Rudolf Laban and further developed by his student and colleague Irmgard Bartenieff. LIMS is an organization that continuously conducts self-studies to adapt to the present and shape new futures.

LIMS’ mission is to make people aware of the value of seeing movement more clearly, of perceiving that being alive is being in movement, of moving with greater consciousness and of understanding the connections between movement and its wealth of meanings. For that, we offer from introductory to advanced workshops, and train people to become professionally Certified Movement Analysts (CMA), through our Master level Programs in Laban Movement Studies. These are offered in different formats and locations, in NYC and around the world.